Site Promotion – The Single Most Traffic-Rich Tactic To Drive Visitors To Your Site

The single most traffic-rich tactic I use to drive tons of visitors to my website is via article marketing. What is article marketing? It is the process of writing short 250-500 word articles and submitting them to article directories for the purpose of generating visitors to your website. Why does this process work? Read on.

When a reader reads your article, he is a more qualified visitor than someone who just saw an ad on a search engine or at a classified ads site. Instead of reading an ad, they read an article providing solid information, and they’ll want to receive even more information from you!

The way you get traffic is by including a link to your website in your ‘author’s resource box’, which is available on most article directories. The secret to maximizing your traffic from your resource box is to write it in a compelling manner that will get more people to click through to your website.

Article marketing is also very much a numbers game. The more articles you’ve got out there, the more traffic and cash you will generate. So get to work! Start writing articles to drive absolute streams of traffic right to your website to buy your product or download a free offer, whichever action you want your visitors to take.

The secret to writing tons of articles is to write some yourself, and match those numbers by hiring a writer to write the same number as well. So if you plan to write 2 articles a day, hire a writer to write 2 a day for you as well. These will double your overall numbers.

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